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MESSAGE FROM FERNIEFRESH [25 Mar 2005|03:42pm]
fernie wants me to tell ya'll that hes throwing a sick style party, its off of socorro road, by alameda. YES, THE LOWER VALLEY. It should be pretty kickass, theres gonna be beer but not enough for everyone whos going, so you fuckers better BRING YO OWN MOTHA FUCKEN BEER TOO

if you want more details, call up my cell tonight 269 9788 motha fuckas

or if not just call up fernie

this is all around 10 o clock aight
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yesterday- rather eventful [20 Mar 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well lets see... first we ate some kfc then we headed to the pit

it was pretty cool, we were back n forth from the pit and the circle,
alot of my old friends went, they followed me out there.. well i was
talking to jackie for a while, and then we went for a walk, and it was
cool... and then me and brittany were talking for a while, and she was
sad because of some boy TOO, i was like whoa... all these mean guys!
oh ya, and victor spilt beer all over my shirt! it fucken smells....
so then all of a sudden matt, and the girls are gone.. so i call him
and he tells me that they fucken completely rolled the truck! oh shit man
they did a complete barrel roll, and ended up on the wheels again.. but the
mirrors were broken, along with the windows, the hood, and the lights.... his
car was FUCKED UP!-- and it would have been avoided if they wouldnt have left me..
so matt comes back for me, and takes me to fucken some gas station, and i walk all
the way to andrews... and he got mad cos he was on the phone with heather, so i
head back out onto the streets (by now its like 3am) and im walking by mcdonalds on
montwood and like some fucken weak ass car club is chillen there, and i guess i raced
one of the guys last week or sometime in my gsr, and so he comes up to me and we end up
fighting! man i fucked him up bad!! i knocked him down sick style, and then i got jumped
by like 4 other guys... i was soo pissed, not to mention it was like 37 degrees outside

so THEN.. boots and cripple say that they are gonna go to taco cabana for me, so i wait
there for like an hour and a half.. and no one fucken goes. Wow im glad i have all these
great friends, eh........... so then i just went back to andrews and fucken slept

damn.. who CARES about friends, girls.. any of that shit seriously
i think for sure now i wanna go with my mom, and get the fuck out of here..

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what should i wear tonight.... [17 Mar 2005|04:41pm]
first off, which shirt should i wear ////\\\\

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

and should i wear it with these shorts, or my destroyed A&F jeans ////\\\\
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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only since my other journal is screwed over [09 Feb 2005|07:16pm]
if me and you were out somewhere (ie. Movies, Party, Chillen somewhere) but we arent in a relationship, what would you do if i made a move on you (kissed you)--

A. kiss me back
b. back off
c. turn a cheek

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the end. [25 Jan 2005|11:22pm]
see you guys later. Soon i will probably be out on the streets anyways, in Cesar Chavez and what not. I guess i wont need a journal anymore. Lately anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. Its not like anyone cares about this piece of shit i call life anyways. It was nice while it lasted. If you have enough time leave some farewells plz.

:X shawn
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Shawn thinks he's perfect... [25 Jan 2005|08:41pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

this is miss CORINA (a.k.a. hellokitty_22) updating for "MR. PERFECT"
well here are a few pics for u guys that he took on sat. @ the show...enjoy!

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yayuh!!!! [23 Jan 2005|11:30pm]
[ mood | sad, surprised, kinda mad ]

kickass weekend for the mostpart. Things kinda got bad for me though, but here goes..

Jamel: "Cmon, come spoon with me!" <-- LMAO JAMEL!!

Friday- Nothing
Saturday- went to the show, chilled at some LV party, went to the party at Issacs house. That party was fuckin awesome. I fucken hit the beer bong for like 4 beers, and drank 3 beers normal, and like 3 shots.... I GOT PRETTY FUCKED UP LOL I got to see corina which was pretty cool........ and then a few of us spent the night over there at Issacs house, and went to bed at like 7am and then woke up not too long later. We prepared for a BBQ cookout kickback lol. So alot of ppl started showing up, and Corina came too....... I was soo happy i got to see her this weekend, not to mention both days lol. But then at like 8 things started getting bad for me. Well lets just say that I was talking to this certain someone because we liked eachother and what not, and then all of a sudden this other guy comes in the picture and like fucks it all up for me.... i was soooooo sad when i saw them together!!

Haha ya it was kickass heres a few pixCollapse )

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big shawn in da house [22 Jan 2005|05:37pm]
yayuh! i finally convinced my parents to let me go, yayuh!! haha but they are all like "omg like if u like get arrested, then like we arent gonna like bail you out, like your just gonna sit in jail" and im like ya whateva! haha...

fuck ya i think tonight will be pretty cool if i may say so myself, im gonna head out there with nick and orry at about 6:45. OH FO SHO! ill be sure to take some pix tonight, and ill put em up here later on tonight or tomorrow.

well im gonna go take a shower, and put my phone on the charger. Peace in tha middle east fools!!!!
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booooring [21 Jan 2005|08:34pm]
boring ass day in SAC. BORING BORING BORING. Boring night too, no one has invited me to go anywhere or do anything! Tomorrow im prolly gonna go to the show, and in the daytime im gonna go to Elite Gymnastics with orry and whoever else wants to go. If anyone else wants to hit it up with us just call me and let me know, or hit me up on here and leave me a comment.
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thursday - once again the day after yesterday [20 Jan 2005|05:57pm]
so lets see... today i was supposed to go to SAC, i didnt i just ditched the whole day. First i went to Steven(cripple) class, and chilled for first period cos they had a sub. Then i took off and chilled, and lunch came around and i chilled at lunch. Then Natalie came to Wayside for Eastwood lunch. I was sittin in the car listenin to some ATDI, and she showed up with her lil rich eastwood friends haha. So i went in and she of course said "whoa youre tall! and really really good looking too!" haha jk about the really good looking part. She is really cute, i must say :) So ya we just chilled there and talked for a while, and when she was leaving she left her phone! I was lauhging and making fun of her, but me being an idiot, I started to call her phone to tell her she left it, and i was like oh shit, hahahah!

so ya tomorrow i guess im gonna have to actually go to SAC :/ Fuck it, im not gonna do shit though lol.

haha random picture steven took in 1st
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wednesday- the day after yesterday....... [19 Jan 2005|07:47pm]
I was just making up haikus, and i put em together lol
this goes out to the special someone.... you know who you are =)

I look at you,
you look me straight in the eyes,
looking completely innocent,
you say theres no other guys,

but little do you know,
i can see through your eyes-- like open doors,
into worlds trapped inside,
under the deepest basement floors,

the day i met you,
it was as if you came to me in a dream,
little did i know,
the truth was not what it had seemed,

but in reality,
it was more of a nightmare,
that even the bravest young man,
would experience a scare,

the wise man said,
"temptation is a killer",
to me its more like the present day,
Michael Jackson "thriller",

its a game of one thing,
we like to call it "the chase",
in the long run i lose,
why did i begin in the first place?

in an odd sort of way,
i felt that we could be together,
well i guess things changed,
quicker than the weather...........
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2 fast 2 furious!!! [18 Jan 2005|10:03pm]
haha i thought this was pretty funny, i had my younger cousin riding shotty with me and i was trying to race my older cousin in his civic Si lmao (i was drivin the 0-fo (04) altima) haha!

eee lets race bitch! My car is faster than your car!

1........ 2........ (thats me signalling 2)

3!!!!!! vroooom haha i tried to take the picture while holding the wheel and watching my cousin and traffic and the road.. bad combination as u can see my wheel is turning hahahha!

haha i lost :( lucky bitch-ass cousin has turbo =(
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jus herrrr chillen.. [18 Jan 2005|03:17pm]
im just here chillen at my house, i went to my lawyer today, i had to pay 2000 dollas. Then i bought my new MP3 CD Player its a badass sony atrac3.. its kickass!! So i loaded it up with like 150 some songs, and yayuh! so in a little while im gonna go hit up everyone after school.

For now i am gonna be going to cesar chavez for school until my lawyer talks to someone from the district i guess.. fuck it :/ Montwood next year fo sho! I have to go to school thursday and friday at hanks, but im gonna be in sac! Im just gonna ditch thursday, and hit up lunch with natalie, oh fo sho!

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haha pictures [17 Jan 2005|07:33pm]
well i was bored so i figured id post some funny pix..

heres one of my bro and some chick we all partied with on saturday i think it was..

haha.. they have a warrant for me!


and i still cant get over this one.. if peter wouldnt have put her head under the covers she would have been blinded too ok! haha im all like "OH SHIT! Thats bright!!"
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[17 Jan 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well tomorrow I gotta go talk to my lawyer and see whats up, and go apply at El Paso Academy. My suspension time is over on thursday, So thursday I will be at school guys.. but just so I can clear with the book room and do all that stuff to finish dropping from hanks. I wont be attending my regular classes even if I were to go to class, I would be in SAC until i was sent to Cesar Chavez.

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oh no.. [16 Jan 2005|01:10pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

here we go again.. its not gonna happen, and i wont let it even if it would.....................

ANYWAYS well idk i just felt like updating, alot of stuff is going through my head right now, and I dont know what to do!! one of those things is school! wtf am i gonna do about school, im like considered a drop out right now! fuck that shit!! i need to see about applying at el paso academy or tejas, and then just get some credits in that way next year I can go to Montwood for my senior year!!!! That shit is gonna be awesome.. I already have alot of friends over there (although they are all girls and no guys) but fuck it, ill make friends anyways! the bad part about all of this is all the friends im leaving behind at hanks, theres just so many of you guys and im glad i knew you all... hopefully we can still keep in touch every now and then.

BUT i learned 1 thing... when shit like this happens you learn who your true friends are. I thought billy and all them were my real friends but i learned different. When shit goes wrong they arent there for me, they just leave and shit. They were all a part of this, but im the only one going down for it and they could give a shit less. NOT ONE OF THEM CALLED ME TO ASK WHAT HAPPENED OR EVEN BOTHER SEEING WHAT WAS UP WITH ME. FUCK YOU GUYS! WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I TAKE THE BLAME FOR WHAT YOU GUYS DID! THE ONLY PART I HAD IN IT WAS WHEN U TOOK OFF FROM THE SCHOOL IN IT, U FUCKS ARE THE ONES WHO TOOK IT AND SCREWED IT UP AND EVERYTHING, AND THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE CHARGES BEING PRESSED, BECAUSE YOU FUCKED IT UP! I DIDNT EVEN DO THAT AND IM TAKING ALL THE BLAME FOR YOU FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! AND DO YOU EVEN BOTHER TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED?! NO!!

fuck them, im done with them..... thank you dante, joe, peter, andrew, matt, all of you who are helping me out.....

and a special thanks to peter for chillen w me friday and letting me crash at your house when my parents were being all wack and i didnt wanna go home.

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man.. [15 Jan 2005|07:07pm]
well yesterday was quite a day.

- got arrested in 1st period
+ my grandma bailed me out
+ went to reys thing at peter piper til like 10
- while we were driving behind the sac for the party, we saw a sheriff going in
+ hit up the circle instead
+ saw danielle(peter) =)
+ met up with jules, drew, marcie, nick
+ drank like 3 or 4 cups of beer, and drank alot of liquor
+ got lost coming back to el paso, ended up in horizon
+ dropped everyone off, then me, matt, and kevin went to danielles house
+ chilled there and at like 4am we went to whataburger and ate
+ went back home and slept finally at like 6
- woke up kinda early
- danielle had a hangover!! haha
+ chilled at danielles til like 1 and then we left to Matts house
+ went to watch the game at Hooters
- im feeling sick now

-+ i was supposed to be in at like 2 or 3, i didnt get home til like 7pm today-- didnt even get in trouble for it
++ my grandma let me go party, even though i got arrested for a felony earlier that day

pictures of last nightCollapse )
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WHAT. THE FUCK. [14 Jan 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | triste ]

okay wtf, today i was in first period chillen, and the security came and escorted me to the office. They sat me down in the principals office and everytime i would ask why i was in trouble, they would say they didnt know. The next thing I know a cop goes in, asks me if im shawn, tells me to stand up and he handcuffs me "Youre under arrest.. bla bla bla" i was like ok wtf what for, and he was like "Felony Theft". Then it hit me- the GOLF CART. I could be going to jail for 10 years. so they took me to the station, booked me, and my mom had to go pick me up. We went back to the school to see what i had to do, and they said Im suspended, and after that I have to go to Cesar Chavez. ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL WTF but the state law is anyone with a felony must be put into alternative school. FUCK!!! I tried to go to montwood and register, but they said they would just send me to their alternative school too... So i guess now its either Cesar Chavez, or El Paso Academy :(

i thought i would be happy to leave hanks, but im not... im really not. im gonna miss all my friends, wtf am i gonna do.. im never gonna make friends at these other schools. I SWEAR IM GONNA MISS ALL OF YOU GUYS SOO BAD- I LOVE YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY I DO, AND IF I GO TO JAIL I DONT KNOW WTF ILL DO....

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dayum [13 Jan 2005|10:36pm]
shits going really good for me right now guys! my new years resolutions are really working out right now, im doing pretty good in my classes, ive stayed out of trouble, im not giving my parents a hard time, and im eating right and working out pretty damn good. So ya i really like all my classes, my gymnastics class is pretty kickass i must say. I LOVE the p-bars haha if u ppl havent noticed.. its funny coach is all "alright lets work on our tumbling" and since i dont like it much i just go do my own thing with a few of the guys on the P-bars. Otto said hes gonna help me to be all badass like him by the end of the year-- FUCK YEAH!! haha

Theres not officially any girls in my life... but there are some possibilities on my mind hehe

today i bought some of those blue pajama like pants with all the mooses on them, some new moose boxers, a kickass shirt, and a badass yankees baseball hat.

Well after some thinking about tomorrow, ive decided what im gonna do. Well i really need to go to Lil Rays going away party at oasis lanes cos i mean i have been his friend for like 10 years or so. So i feel its the right thing to do. Me and Joe are gonna go there for a while, then after that Billy is prolly gonna come for us and we are gonna hit up a party he might throw, or maybe the one Franklin is throwing for Daniella and Victoria i think her name is...

peace in tha middle east
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uh... [12 Jan 2005|08:55pm]
Well today was a pretty chill day, my classes werent too bad, we ran for gymnastics and were running again tomorrow.. I have been working on the P-Bars alot lately, Otto has been helping me out with that, thanks man. We went after school to practice with the team for a little while, it was pretty tight and alan got a flip! lol

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